Trump Calls for Funding for Flying Cars and ‘freedom Cities’


Trump, who is running for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, announced a slate of futuristic new policies in a campaign video Friday.

Former President Donald Trump wants to take the country back – back to the future, that is.

Trump, who is running for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, released a video Friday outlining a slate of new urban development and transportation policy proposals.

One focus? Flying cars.

Or, as Trump called them, “vertical takeoff-and-landing vehicles.”

Trump, the current front-runner for the Republican nomination, called for investment into the development of the vehicles, which automotive companies have been working on.

“Just as the United States led the automotive revolution in the last century, I want to ensure that America – not China – leads this revolution in air mobility,” Trump said in the video, which he posted on his social media platform Truth Social. “These breakthroughs can transform commerce, bring a giant infusion of wealth into rural America, and connect families and our country in new ways.”

Trump also pushed for a contest to design what he dubbed “freedom cities” – 10 new urban areas built on federal land.

The former president said, too, that he would create “hives of industry” to manufacture goods that, under him, the U.S. would stop importing from China. And he said his government would implement “baby bonuses,” or cash to new parents that would “help launch a new baby boom.”

All of those proposals are part of what Trump called a “quantum leap” for the country.

The slate of policies are not the first Trump proposals to make headlines for their … creativity. When he was in office, he researched buying Greenland from Denmark.

During his 2016 White House run, Trump ran on the promise of building a wall along the southern border that would be paid for by Mexico. That proposal turned into policy. The Trump administration built more than 450 miles of that wall – at U.S. taxpayer expense.

Source: US News