Multinational in the technology sector lands in Paraguay and aims to revolutionize the market


Through a day of innovation, with the presence of the highest professionals in the technology field, the Konecta Group arrived in the country to offer its services related to clients, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Contact Center, Total Experience and Digital transformation.

Seeking to break with the traditional scheme of customer service, the regional leader in Total Experience, Konecta, arrived in the country, starting with an innovation day with the aim of enhancing products and services, focusing on the latest trends.

The Konecta Group is a company of Spanish origin positioned among the top five companies in the world in customer relations, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Contact Center, Total Experience and Digital Transformation. 

Iván Morero, CEO of Konecta for the Southern Cone, indicated that the company has 12,000 employees in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, serving 26 large clients and, per year, manages millions of users. While globally, it has more than 200 operating centers located in 24 countries.

Likewise, he commented that the consumer is currently very sophisticated, interacts with companies through multiple channels and demands the best experience.

“In addition, technologically, companies must have the possibility of crossing borders to provide the best services regardless of geography. This is where innovation and strategic and collaborative work become more relevant,” Moreno commented.

He also highlighted that currently there are no companies that do not use Chatbot, Call Bot, neural networks or AI to maximize efficiency. “This starting point invites us to re-invite the models and Konecta presents Strategy Big Data (SBD) to enhance Data and Analytics services in conjunction with AI and Data Science projects,” said the company’s CEO.

For her part, the union’s president, Raquel Dentice, said that Paraguay is among the main employers in the region in Contact Center & BPO. “We have the resources to boost this sector and turn it into a regional hub for exporting services, the country has young talent, and the companies have the capacity to provide quality and a good price,” she points out.

During the training day, held at the Sheraton Hotel this Wednesday, innovation was put at the center as a driver of transformation, a key piece to develop comprehensive solutions and make a difference in each management. 

Through this meeting, networking was carried out with the aim of strengthening strategic ties to empower the user experience and continue consolidating as leaders in future trends. 

Source: Market Data