Bolivia pays tribute to Bartolina Sisa


Aymara leader of Bolivian women Bartolina Sisa was assassinated 241 years ago; thus, Bolivians commemorated such date at the Plaza Murillo.

Hundreds of members of the Confederation of Native Indigenous Peasant Women gathered in the epicenter of Bolivian politics after leading a march led by Susy Quispe, executive of the organization in La Paz Department.

Guillermina Kuno, executive secretary of that national confederation led the tribute, to which attended the ministers of Cultures, Decolonization and Depatriarchalization, Sabina Orellanas, and of Labor, Veronica Navias; deputy ministers and other government and legislative officials from the national, departmental and municipal levels, as well as representatives of social movements.

“We recall on Tuesday a cruel assassination that this square witnessed,” Orellana assured in statements to the media.

Orellana added that this intention of “chastisement” of the Spanish colonialists brought a result contrary to their goal because now the Bartolinas are thousands.

Source: Plenglish