Why South America’s Bioceanic Corridor Needs TIR


The Bioceanic Corridor will connect the Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná to Argentina and Chile, and Mato Grosso do Sul to Paraguay.

IRU, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil and NTC&Logística held a two-day conference in Campo Grande, Brazil, on how TIR would bolster transit, transport and trade in South America, including along the Bioceanic Corridor.

Minister Diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil João Carlos Parkinson de Castro said, “Producers and transport operators are now aware of the advantages offered by the Bioceanic Corridor. However, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile have yet to provide fast, digitalised and integrated transit services. We still need to overcome border inefficiencies.

“The conference demonstrated that the Brazilian Government is committed to improving the efficiency and security of cross-border operations, maximising Brazil’s competitiveness in regional and global trade.

“IRU’s support has been fundamental to promoting TIR in Brazil. It is important that commercial operators are aware of this instrument and its benefits. With IRU’s support, Paraguayan operators can learn about TIR. Such efforts should also be extended to Bolivia and Peru which also stand to benefit from the Bioceanic Corridor.”

IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto said, “This event with Brazil’s public and private sector as well as neighbouring countries was absolutely critical to raise awareness around TIR, a tried-and-tested trade facilitation tool used across Europe and Asia for 75 years.

“We look forward to continuing working with Brazilian and other South American public and private actors to implement TIR and ensure that the continent lives up to its trade potential.”

NTC&Logística President Francisco Pelucio said, “IRU has played a crucial role in facilitating trade globally. We are excited to bring this knowledge to Brazil, focusing particularly on TIR and the Bioceanic Corridor.”

The conference was attended by Brazilian senators, transport authorities and operators from across the country, as well as Paraguayan senators and representatives from the Ministry of Transport.

IRU will continue to support Brazil’s accession to TIR, as well as the accession of Paraguay and the implementation of TIR in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, opening the door to more efficient and secure trade.

What is TIR?

The TIR system enables goods to be shipped from a country of origin to a country of destination in sealed load compartments that are controlled by customs via a multilateral, mutually recognised system.

TIR streamlines procedures at borders, reducing the administrative burden for customs authorities and transport and logistics companies. It cuts border waiting times significantly, saving time and money.

Source: IRU