What South America Media Said About Darwin Núñez Vs Brazil as ‘risk’ on Liverpool Star Pays Off


Liverpool star Darwin Núñez showcased his prowess as he guided Uruguay to a momentous victory over Brazil in the recent World Cup qualifier. The 24-year-old forward not only scored a goal but also provided an assist, playing a crucial role in his team’s triumph over their South American rivals for the first time in 22 years.

Núñez’s remarkable diving header found the back of the net, beating Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson and giving Uruguay an early lead. Later in the game, he skillfully held off three Brazil defenders to set up Nicolás de la Cruz for another goal. This impressive win propelled Uruguay to second place in the COMNEBOL World Cup qualification group, positioning it ahead of its opponents on the night.

Núñez’s inclusion in Marcelo Bielsa’s squad has not been without controversy. The former Leeds United manager opted to select the Liverpool striker over veteran forwards Luis Suárez and Edinson Cavani.

This decision drew criticism and sparked a debate among supporters. Nonetheless, Núñez proved his worth on the field with an outstanding performance, silencing his critics.

Jorge Señorans from ESPN Uruguay praised Núñez for his contribution to the team, particularly amid the clamor for Suárez’s inclusion. Señorans wrote: “The football country was on fire. Uruguay coach Marcelo Bielsa’s determination not to call up Luis Suárez for the start of the Qualifiers generated criticism.

“The bet was risky. The coach was betting on a new striker: the silent Darwin Núñez. The Ariguense, far from being overwhelmed by the wave of responsibility, assumed the role and had an attitude that is not for everyone: he asked for the number nine shirt Darwin, leaving aside the controversies and football tastes, once again said he was present when he was needed most. There remains the feeling that Bielsa’s intention is to consolidate the figure of a new nine for the 2026 World Cup. And controversies aside, for now, every time the National Team needed it, Darwin showed his face.”

Renowned football journalist Tim Vickery also lauded Núñez for his pivotal role in handing Brazil its first World Cup qualifying defeat in eight years. While Núñez’s goal tally for Uruguay is still far from the record held by former Liverpool striker Suárez (68 goals), it is evident that Bielsa sees him as the key figure in Uruguay’s attacking line.

Vickery highlighted: “This is the side that Bielsa is building, and the big call was making Núñez the king of the attack. It meant discarding Luis Suárez and Edinson Cavani, leaving the coach open to criticism if it were to go wrong.

“That was the importance of the late penalty that Núñez scored away to Colombia last week; it rescued a point for Uruguay, got the striker off the mark in this campaign — and set him up for a man-of-the match performance in Tuesday’s 2-0 win at home to Brazil. Liverpool’s bringer of chaos proved the difference in a match that never lived up to expectations but earned a place in the history books.”

Núñez’s performance against Brazil not only solidified his position as a rising star but also showcased his ability to handle pressure and deliver when it matters most. While controversies surrounding his selection persist, it is clear that he has embraced the responsibility placed upon him by Bielsa and has shown tremendous potential.

Source: Liverpool.com