Warrant for narcotics, firearms finds both hidden in toys with kids home


A Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force search warrant looking for guns and narcotics turned up a stash of both hidden throughout a home and in children’s toys.

Keontae Quentrell Jones, 24, of Mankato, is charged with two counts of first-degree aggravated controlled substance and firearm crime, and one count of negligent firearm storage, after a search by law enforcement on Dec. 7. 

According to police, at about 9:15 a.m., multiple law enforcement agency officers executed a search warrant at a residence in Mankato, where they believed Jones was selling narcotics and had a firearm.

When police arrived and announced a warrant, Jones was taken into custody without incident, according to a criminal complaint. 

Prior to being taken into custody, Jones asked for a black coat in his bedroom, “due to the cold.” Officers searched the coat before giving it to Jones and found a glass pipe commonly used for narcotics ingestion inside, according to a police report.

During the search law enforcement also found: A Tylenol container with 68 counterfeit Oxycodone Mbox 30 pills containing Fentanyl in a closet, a plastic bag with 568 counterfeit Oxycodone Mbox 30 pills containing Fentanyl in children’s “power wheel” toy in the living room, another plastic bag with 1,011 counterfeit Oxycodone Mbox 30 pills containing Fentanyl in a toy in the living room and a .40 Caliber Glock 23 with loaded magazines inside a toy in the living room.

Jones has previously been convicted of fifth-degree assault, and for the possession/sale of small amounts of marijuana.