VOA Statement Denouncing Venezuelan President’s Verbal Attacks Against VOA Spanish Journalist


Voice of America condemns the recent comments by President Nicolás Maduro in which he assailed the integrity of VOA and its journalists reporting on conditions inside Venezuela.

“Recently the president of Venezuela falsely accused VOA and its journalists of biased and inaccurate reporting, even going so far as to say VOA and its journalists “hate” Venezuela,” said Acting VOA Director Yolanda López. “Nothing could be further from the truth.” López continued, “In fact, I could not be prouder of our colleagues who report on Venezuela, as they continue to hold the powerful accountable with their clear-eyed and objective reporting for their audiences in that country and around the world.”

Venezuela’s press freedom ranking is among the worst in the world, ranking 159 out of 180 according to Reporters Without Borders, largely due to government restrictions on independent media and public threats by state bodies against journalists for their reporting.

Source: Inside Voa