US Manufacturer of Crashed Plane Must Take Part in Investigation, Says Ex-MAB Pilot


KUALA LUMPUR: The investigation into the cause of the plane crash in Shah Alam last Thursday requires the assistance of representatives from the airplane’s United States-based manufacturer, said Malaysia Airlines Bhd former regional head pilot Datuk Captain Nik Ahmad Huzlan Nik Hussain.

“The matter is enshrined in international aviation law. It is necessary to refer to the company that manufactures the aircraft, which needs to join the investigation team of the case involved.

“The US Federal Aviation Administration that gave the company its aircraft manufacturing license would have vested interest in studying what actually happened in the crash.”

In addition to the assistance from the aircraft’s manufacturing company, he said the investigative team can also refer to the maintenance records of the Beechcraft Model 390 (Premier 1) to obtain information on the condition of the aircraft before it took off.

“The aircraft maintenance record book is in the plane and can help the investigation. A copy of it is kept at the flight management office.”

According to Nik Ahmad Huzlan, the book records the fuel capacity, as well as the number of crew and passengers boarding the aircraft from one location to another.

“The investigative team can also use methods such as surveying the area under the plane’s path before and after the incident. Through video recordings and photos from members of the public, they can map out the area around the incident site.

“From that, the investigative team can survey the area to find debris from the plane involved. There needs to be a group set up to look for debris or items from the plane that may have fallen before it crashed,” he said.

The Transport Ministry had requested those who have any video recording or photos relevant to the crash to come forward and submit them to the Air Accident Investigation Bureau to assist the investigation.

Source: Straits Times