Ukraine Delays Counteroffensive Due to Slow Equipment Delivery and Ammo Shortage


Ukraine may be delaying the counteroffensive due to unfavorable weather conditions, ammunition shortage, and slow military equipment delivery from Western allies, according to the Washington Post.

The recent leak of the US military and intelligence documents that disclosed details about the condition of Ukraine’s military and its capabilities, including weaknesses in air defenses, further complicated the planned counteroffensive of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the Washington Post claimed.

Nevertheless, despite ammunition shortages and slow delivery of military aid from Western allies, Ukrainian forces are testing Russian defenses for vulnerabilities ahead of the upcoming counteroffensive, according to the Washington Post.

Ukrainian defenders continue identifying weak spots and plan strikes to destroy Russian fortifications on the occupied territories. The small operations are preparing Ukrainian forces for a full-scale attack as they wait for more ammunition and heavier equipment, the Washington Post reported.

Source : Euromaidanpress