The US Senate Proposed to Consider the Use of Russian Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine an Attack on Nato


The US Senate has prepared a resolution that proposes to consider any use by Russia or Belarus of a nuclear explosive device on the territory of Ukraine as an attack on NATO, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters.

“Today we introduced a resolution, the meaning of which is that if Russia or Belarus detonates a nuclear device on the territory of Ukraine in order to stop a counteroffensive or try to suppress the will of the Ukrainian people, then such an attack should be considered as an attack on NATO,” he said at a joint with Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal press conference.

According to him, Russia should take into account that the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine will cause “a massive response from NATO, and it will be at war with NATO.”

The resolution is advisory in nature, if it is adopted, the White House will not be obliged to implement it.

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