The Kremlin ordered to prepare bomb shelters throughout the Russian Federation


for several months now, the preparation of bomb shelters has been in full swing. They were ordered to equip them in the Kremlin.

It is reported that no one needed thousands of bunkers and cellars for decades, and now hundreds of millions of rubles are being spent to put them in order.

“The decision to inspect the network of bomb shelters was made by the government back in the spring. The Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Defense and other civilian ministries received the command to start a large-scale inspection and restore order, ”said one of the Russian officials.

He stated that inspections and the repair of shelters began after the invasion of Ukraine, and this will last into 2023.

It is already known that in the Krasnodar Territory more than 6 million rubles will be spent on the arrangement of such premises, in Nizhny Novgorod – 50 million rubles, in Ryazan – 1 million rubles.

In Kazan, due to the unsuitability of bomb shelters, the city metro is considered as a shelter.

Hundreds of tenders for the modernization of bomb shelters have already appeared. Contracts include ventilation repairs, waterproofing, door replacement, air filter installation and lighting. In particular, in November, a tender was announced for the waterproofing of a bomb shelter in the Samara region in the amount of 3.8 million rubles.

“The state’s interest in bomb shelters came with increased fear of nuclear war  following Putin’s order to put Russia’s nuclear forces on ‘high alert’ at the end of February. “High alert” is just the tip of the iceberg. Bomb shelters and other civil defense facilities are its underwater part,” said the retired official.

It is noteworthy that some officials tried to play down the importance of repair work in bomb shelters. For example, in the Saratov region, a hundred kilometers from the front line, in December they began to call bomb shelters “deep housing.” And in Nizhny Tagil, on the contrary, signs were openly installed on the way to the bunkers.

source: cursorinfo