Space Force announces new mission statement


The Space Force has announced its new mission statement – “secure our Nation’s interests in, from, and to space.”

This new statement was designed to better reflect the vital functions Guardians perform in service to the United States.

“We did not hire a corporate marketing team to develop a catch phrase. Nor did generals sit around a table in the Pentagon debating what the statement should be,” said Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman. “Our mission statement was sourced from a Guardian-driven process.”

Understanding Guardians were best positioned to choose the words that would describe their shared mission, Saltzman solicited input from the force in May. Within two weeks, 135 responses were received from units and individual Guardians.

In July, officer, enlisted and civilian Guardians from four field commands and major commands participated in a series of eight focus groups to provide feedback and further shape the verbiage that now serves as the Space Force mission statement.

“This is our mission statement; these are your words,” Saltzman said.

Each portion of the statement was chosen to represent a key aspect of the Space Force mission that the president, Congress and the American people have charged Guardians with executing.

“Secure” refers to the Space Force’s formative purpose to contest, and when directed, control the space domain on behalf of the nation and joint force.

“Our Nation’s interests” represents Guardians’ focus on protecting the security and prosperity the U.S. derives from space. It also serves as a reminder that space activities are essential to the American way of life.

“In, from, and to space” references the three core functions of the Space Force, which include securing the Nation’s interests:

  • In space, through space superiority activities that protect the joint force and nation from space and counterspace threats.
  • From space, by delivering global mission operations like satellite communications, positioning, navigation and timing, and missile warning activities.
  • To space, by assured space access through the service’s launch, range and control network infrastructure.

“Our mission statement is a call to action that concisely encapsulates our purpose and identity as Guardians and members of the profession of arms,” Saltzman said.

Source: Space Force