Second Teenager in Brazil School Shooting Dies in Hospital


A second teenager has died following a school shooting in southern Brazil, the hospital said on Tuesday.

The first victim, Karoline Verri Alves, 17, was confirmed dead at the scene after a shooter entered the school in the

city of Cambe, Parana state, to carry out Monday’s attack.

Luan Augusto, 16, was shot in the head and was rushed to hospital in critical condition. The University Hospital of Londrina said on Tuesday that he had died after going into cardiac arrest in the early hours of Tuesday.

Local media reports say the two victims were dating.

Police have arrested the suspected perpetrator, a 21-year- former student of the Professora Helena Kolody public school. The government said he entered its premises saying he wanted to request his school records.

Parana Governor Ratinho Junior has declared three days of mourning.

School attacks in Brazil have been on the rise. In April, a man armed with a small axe climbed over a wall into a creche in southern Brazil and killed four children. In a Sao Paulo school a 13-year-old student stabbed a teacher to death and wounded five others in March.

Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said it was crucial that the country finds a way to build peace in schools.

“Another young life taken by hatred and violence that wecan no longer tolerate inside our schools and in society,” Lulasaid in a Twitter post.

Source : usnews