Russians Build Three Defense Lines, Expecting Ukrainian Offensive on Melitopol – British Intelligence


Russia has completed the setting up of three levels of defense zones in about 120 km of Zaporizhzhia region. 

The British Ministry of Defense wrote this on Twitter, referring to intelligence data, Ukrinform reports.

“Over recent weeks, Russia has continued to develop extensive linear defences in Zaporizhzhia Oblast in southern Ukraine. The area is highly likely the responsibility of Russia’s Southern Grouping of Forces (SGF)”, a new intelligence report says.

Russia has now completed building up its three-line defenses in the Zaporizhzhia region of southern Ukraine approximately 120 km in that sector.  The zones consist of a front line of advanced combat positions, followed by two zones of an almost inseparable, more complex defense. Each zone is about 10-20 km behind the front line.

British intelligence believes that Russia has made efforts to carry out the defensive works due to its belief that Ukraine may launch a future offensive against Melitopol.

“The defences have the potential to be formidable obstacles, but their utility almost entirely depends on them being supported by sufficient artillery and personnel. It remains unclear if the SGF can currently muster these resources.,” report says.

As Ukrinform wrote earlier, in a previous report, British intelligence said that Russian airborne troops in Ukraine had received TOS-1A thermobaric multiple launch rocket systems.

Source : Ukrinform