Kim Kardashian is leaving Kanye West completely on his own and reinforcing security for their children


Kim Kardashian has been present in Kanye West’s life for some time now, being that she is the mother of his children, most of the things he does affect her life, and currently, it has been more difficult to bare since West’s intensity have caused more trouble than before.

Kim is staying away from Kanye

Kim Kardashian has made a decision to stay away from Kanye West and avoid contact with him and has not spoken to him in weeks, after she had been trying to get Ye to be in a better mental health situation it seems that she is over with it.

Sources close to TMZ claim that there is speculation that Kanye West could lose a lot of money due to the countless times that he is been putting himself in difficult situations.

Reinforced security after Kanye’s suggestion about Donda Academy

Instead, Kim Kardashian has been focusing on taking care of their kids and making sure that they are safe and well not only that but she has reinforced security around her children because Kanye West has insisted that their kids would be better at his newly founded Donda Academy, a school that has a new teaching model that according to Kanye West has the best environment for children to develop their creativity.

North’s basketball game

Last week both Kim and Kanye attended one of North’s basketball games while Kanye was wearing the controversial ‘White Lives Matter’ attire that he wore during the Paris Fashion Week recently, and although they were both sitting close to each other, Kim didn’t even look at his direction.

Source : Marca