Inca Trails and Lush Rainforests: This South American Country is Introducing a Digital Nomad Visa


Want to move to Peru? Its new digital nomad visa gives plenty of time to explore its natural wonders.

Peru has announced plans to introduce a digital nomad visa. It will enable remote workers to stay in the country for 365 days, with the possibility to extend.

Currently, EU citizens can travel to Peru on a 183-day tourist visa.

The goal of the new scheme is to attract international professionals to Peru, hoping they will boost the country’s economy through tourism and services while supporting cultural exchange.

The aim is for some visitors to remain in the country and pursue business ventures by upgrading to an investor visa.

Who will be eligible for Peru’s digital nomad visa?

Peru’s new digital nomad visa is aimed at remote workers employed by companies outside of the country. They will therefore not need to obtain a separate work visa.

The government announced in November that it hopes the extended stay will give nomads time to explore the country’s touristic, gastronomic and cultural offerings while remote working.

The visa will be made available once upcoming changes to Peru’s Migration Law have been regulated and published.

Is Peru a good place to be a digital nomad?

Peru has a growing digital nomad scene, particularly in the capital Lima, where coworking spaces are abundant – including from international names like WeWork.

It also offers a low cost of living for nomads working for European companies. According to crowd-sourced online database Numbeo, consumer prices including rent are 87 per cent higher in Italy compared with Peru, 112 per cent higher in France and 120 per cent higher in the UK.

The country also has no shortage of ancient cultural sites and natural wonders to explore in your downtime – from world-famous Machu Picchu to the biodiverse Amazon rainforest and the Cordillera Huayhuash peaks.

The country also draws foodies for the bold flavours of its national cuisine, from fresh ceviche to the subtly smokey ‘lomo saltado’ stir-fried beef.

Where else in South America offers a digital nomad visa?

Peru joins a raft of South American countries jumping on the remote work visa trend.

In Argentina, as of last year digital nomads can stay for 180 days with the option to renew, providing they can prove they have an adequate source of income from a source outside of the country.

Brazil also introduced a remote work visa in 2022 allowing extendable stays of one year, followed by Ecuador, which allows two-year stays.

This year, Colombia launched a two-year digital nomad visa, while Uruguay introduced an extendable 180-day visa.

Source: Euro News