Daily attacks, more shelling, the transfer of mobilized: the head of the Lugansk OVA Gaidai on the upcoming Russian offensive


The Financial Times calls the city of Kremennaya in the Lugansk region one of the areas where the Russian military can prepare a new offensive. The head of the Luhansk regional administration, Sergei Gaidai, in an interview with Current Time confirms the fact that the Russian army is preparing for a new attack. He spoke about the tactics of the Russians and what is happening right now on the front line:

– They have distributed more than two hundred thousand people to different bases: these are Belarus and Russia, then they are trained. Just now, the two-month training of those mobilized has ended or is nearing completion. A couple more weeks are needed for logistics, but they are already being slowly brought up. It is impossible to bring two hundred thousand to the training base just like that at once. A certain number of people gradually gathered in a thousand, five hundred people, they were distributed, they had to be dressed, put on shoes, taught at least to hold weapons. The output will be more or less. These are not regular soldiers, but they are better trained than the same Wagner prisoners, they were simply thrown forward, they even removed minefields, just with their bodies.

I just returned from the front line late last night. I regularly go around the front line, which runs through the Lugansk region, from Kharkov to Donetsk direction or vice versa. I can say that the number of attacks is slowly increasing. They fire in order to probe the situation somewhere, destroy the rear or destroy positions. But they fire sparingly: they need to save a huge amount of ammunition, so that when a full-scale offensive begins, they will smash and grind all positions in “waves”, as they did a year ago.

We see that almost daily attacks have begun. They attack in groups the size of somewhere around a platoon, about thirty people, but sometimes there were attempts by a hundred, a whole company to develop a larger offensive. It’s like a puzzle. Here is a picture called “Full-scale offensive.” It consists of details: one detail is reserves, personnel, the other is the placement of fuel and lubricants, the third is to bring heavy equipment to the occupied part of the Luhansk region, there is the “ammunition” detail, there is the “attack” detail. This is, one might say, reconnaissance in combat: they are trying to draw a picture for themselves of where we have which units, which units are more resistant and maximally prepared, where which positions will withstand shelling, and which positions should not be attacked. This is already the start of something big.

source: currenttime