Brazilian man missing following boat accident in Mazaruni River


A 49-year-old Brazilian mechanic is missing and feared dead after the boat he was travelling in was involved in an incident in the Mazaruni River.

The man has been identified as Walter DaSilva Oliveira.

Police Headquarters confirmed the incident occurred around 18:00 hrs at Surinamo Landing, Middle Mazaruni River.

Oliveira and one of his co-worker, Gerson Alves DaSilva travelled from Kumung Kumung Backdam, Puruni River on September 1 to carry out some mechanical work for a female, who has been identified as Francisca Gonzales Leite at Surinamo Landing.

According to a Police report, investigations revealed that at about 17:40 hrs Thursday, Oliveira completed his work and borrowed a boat from Leite.

“He (Oliveira) boarded the boat and left to take back some tools he borrowed from a camp about 10 minutes away along the Mazaruni River,” Police said.

At the time, was the sole occupant of the boat.

According to the Police, an eyewitness recalled hearing a loud impact, and upon checking, he saw the boat spinning. Oliveria was shouting for help. An alarm was raised and checks were made for Oliveria but he was not located.

The matter was reported to the Police and a search is ongoing.

Source: News Room