Analyzing Sky Airline’s South American Route Network


The Chilean ultra-low-cost carrier Sky Airline is strengthening its presence across South America with new launches from Chile and a strong route map in Peru. The airline currently reaches as far north as Miami and as south as Punta Arenas, the capital city of Chile’s southernmost region, Magallanes and Antarctica Chilena. Let’s do an analysis of the airline.

As of September 2023, Sky Airline serves destinations in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the United States. The ultra-low-cost carrier is one of the companies employing this business model and thriving. Other companies are Viva Aerobus and Volaris in Mexico and JetSMART in Chile, Argentina, and Peru.

Sky Airline could also become a part of the Abra Group, a holding owning GOL Linhas Aéreas in Brazil and Avianca in Colombia. The Abra Group is interested in investing in the Chilean carrier, although no further announcements have been made recently.

Numbers in 2023

Sky Airline is Chile’s second-largest carrier behind LATAM Airlines Group, according to data released by the country’s Civil Aviation Board.

Until August 2023, Chile received 16.14 million passengers, a 23.9% growth versus 2022 (although still 9% below pre-pandemic traffic levels). Domestically, Sky Airline carried 2.69 million passengers until August, holding a 27.3% market share. More importantly, Sky Airline has the largest growth compared to pre-pandemic levels, increasing by 7.2% its number of domestic passengers. In comparison, LATAM Group had 5.5 million passengers (-7.4% versus 2019 levels), and JetSMART had 1.58 million passengers (5.6% growth).

Internationally, Sky Airline is also the second-largest carrier in Chile, behind LATAM Group. This year, it had 876,517 passengers until August, holding a 14.0% market share. The airline has increased by 67% its pre-pandemic traffic levels. LATAM had 2.96 million passengers (holding a 47.4% share), and JetSMART had 579,678 international passengers (9.3% share).

How about Peru?

Sky Airline also has a branch in Peru. There, it is also the second largest domestic company, behind LATAM, according to data from the country’s Civil Aviation General Directorate. Until June, Sky Airline Peru carried 1.22 million domestic passengers, holding to a 19.38% market share.

Internationally, Sky Airline Peru carried 247,773 passengers, holding a 5.54% market share and behind LATAM Airlines Peru and the Panamanian carrier Copa Airlines.

The fleet

Sky Airline has a unique record worldwide. It is the only airline exclusively operating the Airbus A320neo family. It does not have another type of plane (for instance, the A320ceo family).

The company has 21 aircraft in Chile, including 18 A320neos and three A321neos. In Peru, Sky Airline operates seven A320neos. Moreover, Sky Airline has an order for 14 additional aircraft in the future, including four A321neos and ten A321XLRs, which could be used to open many new long-haul routes from Chile and Peru.

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