America’s only hope is God, says Sean Feucht, Christian singer-activist: Nation is ‘morally bankrupt’


Singer-songwriter talks COVID lockdowns, abortion, midterms and a faith-based tour

Christian recording artist, missionary and activist Sean Feucht will embark on a 50-state “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour starting in 2023, to “call on God to come and change America,” while encouraging church leaders to become active in their states on issues that affect worshipers.

While details of dates and locations are still being ironed out, “it’stime to really mobilize the church to show up and take responsibility for their states in every state capitol,” Feucht, based in Dana Point, California, told Fox News Digital by phone. (And SEE THE VIDEO above this article of the Christian singer leading worship outside SCOTUS.)  

The Kingdom to the Capitol Tour will begin in the southeast U.S. and head north, Feucht said, targeting “purple” states that will be in play as the 2024 election cycle heats up.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdowns and restrictions on worship inspired him to start the “Let Us Worship” movement, to gather believers to worship and pray boldly for revival, as his website notes. 

The “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour is the “next part” of this movement, said Feucht.

As a “missionary kid,” Feucht traveled the world and witnessed persecution of the church in many countries, he said. These feelings came back after “seeing the lockdowns and governmental overreach — casinos and bars being open and the church being closed.”

He added, “Then seeing the response of the church and their unwillingness in many ways to push back and to just kind of accept it really alarmed me.”

Feucht, 39, is the husband of Kate and the father of Keturah, Malachi, Ezra and Zion. 

He’s released nine studio albums and eight live albums, with three of his albums ranking number one over every genre in the world for multiple days in a row on iTunes, his website reports.

Another reason for the state-to-state effort is the overturning of the Roe v. Wade decision in the Dobbs case — and the return of abortion as a state issue, said Feucht.

“It was just really in our heart. You know, we’ve gone all over America,” he said. 

“I think that COVID really helped expose how much power the state governments have over our lives, our communities and over our churches,” he said. 

The pandemic, Feucht said, provided “an opportunity for us to react not out of fear, but out of faith.”

On the tour, his goal is to get people to realize what is happening around them plus inspire them to “pray for their state, pray for their legislature,” he noted.

Feucht has big goals for his tour. He hopes to “gather thousands of people” from across Christian denominations

“And I think that we’re going to wake up the church,” he said, encouraging believers to go on the offense with prayer, “activism and legislation.” 

“Now is the time to really mobilize the church to show up and take responsibility for their states in every state capitol,” he said.

The goal is to appear on the capitol steps when the legislature is in session, especially if a piece of legislation is being considered that would impact the church, said Feucht.

Looking ahead, the artist, activist, worship leader, husband and father is particularly excited to go to “the kind of random little towns and cities” such as Frankfort, Kentucky, and Pierre, South Dakota, he said.

“I feel like it’s going to be really historic for those towns, for all the prominent pastors and leaders across the state to just rally into that one town — I think it’s just going to be very significant,” he said. 

The recent midterm elections further motivated his desire to pray in each capital, saying that the country is “just completely morally bankrupt” and “indoctrinated with really, really horrible anti-Christ, anti-God ideologies.” 

Said Feucht, “The only hope for America is the church coming alive in a spiritual awakening.”

He added, “What I want to say is, ‘Hey, listen, the Republicans don’t have the answers. Clearly, the Democrats don’t have the answers.'”

He said as well, “God is the only hope for our nation.” 

Source: Fox News