American craft beer gains big success internationally


The Brewers Association’s Export Development Programme (EDP) has seen global success for its American craft brewery members in three prestigious international beer competitions.

The Brussels Beer Challenge, European Beer Star Awards and the Japan International Beer Cup saw big wins from US beers with 85 medals being gained for American craft brewers across the three global competitions.

At this year’s 11th Brussels Beer Challenge, EDP members were awarded 25 medals in total: seven gold, nine silver and nine bronze as well as Fremont Brewing Co’s Legend Cold IPA which was voted ‘Best American Beer of the Competition.’

At the European Beer Star which celebrates the traditional European art of brewing and is limited to beer categories that originate in Europe, EDP member breweries won 25 medals in total including eight gold, eight silver and nine bronze.

At the Japan International Beer Cup, hosted by Japan’s Craft Beer Association, American craft brewers won 35 medals including five gold, 14 silver and 16 bronze, and two best in category.

Speaking of the accomplishment for US breweries, the Brewers Association American craft beer ambassador for Europe Lotte Peplow, said: “To see American craft brewers securing 85 medals across the three competitions demonstrates the skill, craftmanship and brewing expertise of America’s small and independent craft brewers and I’m immensely proud of each and every one of them.”

Peplow added: “American craft beer built its enviable reputation on quality, innovation and style-diversity and winning medals on the world stage reinforces that reputation and provides a valuable point of difference in today’s competitive market.”

Winners for the Brussels Beer Challenge can be perused here, along with winners of the European Beer Star here and winners of the Japan Beer Cup can be found here, with each listing courtesy of the Brewers Association.

Source : The Drinks Business